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Who We Are

Safe 4 USA is a leading physical security service provider in the United States, committed to protecting individuals and communities from potential harm or loss. We are composed of experienced former elite military personnel who have provided services such as counter-terrorism, religious institutions protection and educational institution safety for years in Europe. Our experience coupled with our dedication makes us one of the strongest providers when it comes to security needs!

Our organization is continuously growing, and we are proud to have a team of experienced security professionals who work relentlessly to protect our clients with the highest levels of customer service. Every member of our staff has been thoroughly vetted through background checks, drug tests, and licenses for each individual’s unique needs—such as being bilingual or armed/unarmed guards in either uniforms or plainclothes.

Our Code of Ethics

Every member of our team possesses qualities that are crucial to providing effective security for our clients


Our customers put their faith in us to keep them safe, so we never take shortcuts when it comes to integrity. We've created an environment of transparency where both our personnel and clients can openly report any violations.


Our employees are constantly listening and observing, ready to recognize potential risks before they arise. We make sure our clients know of any current threats that may be occurring on their premises in order to keep them safe.


Our employees are committed to helping out with any matter that needs their attention, regardless of its relevance to their particular role.


In a world of ever-growing and increasingly complex threats to our safety, making sure that we remain safe is more critical than ever before.

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Meet Our Team

Denis Voit


Denis Voit is the founder of Safe 4 USA, a leading security services provider based in the United States. Denis’s interest in shooting as a sport led him to join the military, where he became a part of the special unit with the Minister of Justice in the sniper division. He later transitioned to the private sector, where he gained extensive experience working in counterterrorism in various countries, including Great Britain, Belgium, and France. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Denis specializes in security services for the Jewish community and is passionate about enhancing security for educational institutions.

Denis’s expertise in security services has made him a sought-after professional in the industry. His vast experience working in counterterrorism, coupled with his passion for security, have enabled him to provide invaluable security services to a wide range of clients. Under his leadership, Safe 4 USA has established itself as a leader in security services, with a commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and comprehensive security solutions to its clients. Denis Voit’s dedication to security and his commitment to making the world a safer place make him an asset to the industry and the communities he serves.

Barry Little


Barry, a British Army veteran, served for over 25 years as a Special Forces Combat Infantry Tactics, Weapons, and Master Sniper Instructor. He was a top soldier in his intake and held every enlisted Combat Training Instructor Leadership position in the British Infantry. Barry has been involved and served in every major conflict, campaign the British Army has undertaken over the past three decades. He has conducted live operational tours as an active Team Leader of small SF units on numerous covert operations behind enemy lines gathering information and intelligence. Barry’s military education includes all levels of the None-commissioned Officer Education System, and he holds a Master of Business in Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership & Management. Since leaving the forces, Barry has held several Senior Security Advisory appointments in the private Security Sectors globally and continues to support governmental projects as an active member of several certified governing bodies.

Barry is a native of Newcastle, Rural Northeast England, UK, and comes from a one-parent family. He left secondary education early with no qualification, and upon leaving school, he had two choices, The Army or working hard labor in a coal mining community where he grew up. Barry is married to Natalia and has two children and a dog. His awards and decorations include the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Queen Elizabeth 11’s Dimond Jubilee Medal, among others. 

Kenny Robertson

Director of Tactical Medical Training

Kenny served 22 years as a US Army Green Beret from the 5th Special Forces Group (A). During his tenure, Kenny spent multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Lebanon. His most recent deployment was as a humanitarian frontline medic in Eastern Ukraine. He wrote medical programs for the US Embassy in Beirut, trained forces across the globe, and has a dedicated clinic in the Middle East. Kenny is currently an NAEMT Paramedic, NAEMT Instructor, TCCC Instructor, and Educational partner of Co-TECC

Kenny served as the director of the Tactical Casualty Combat Care (TCCC) and Prolonged Field Care (PFC) programs at the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center in Fort Bragg, NC. During his tenure in the military, Kenny trained hundreds of Green Berets and Navy SEAL medics. Using the same principles, he translates these training scenarios to civilians and law enforcement agencies. His hobbies include Shoot, Move, Communicate, and Medicine.

De Oppresso Liber

Robert Luzzi

Mr. Luzzi is a retired Special Agent-in-Charge with over 25 years of professional law enforcement and intelligence experience focused on National Security-related investigations involving Nuclear Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Missile Delivery Systems, Bio-Chemical, State Sponsors of Terrorism, and Foreign Policy concerns. He has a global breadth of perspective on complex investigations and led and managed diverse teams of special agents and intelligence professionals conducting national and international investigations.

Prior to joining the Office of Export Enforcement, Mr. Luzzi was a Special Agent/Security Specialist with the Department of Commerce, Office of Security, where he served on the lead on the Secretary’s Executive Protection Detail. He was also trained by the CIA’s Analytical Risk Management Team providing him with the training and skills necessary to conduct complex physical security assessments focused on protecting the agency’s facilities, property, information, and personnel assets in accordance with Federal standards and regulations within the United States and Foreign Commercial Service. He routinely evaluated and certified risk assessment surveys; prioritized the physical security mission objectives; identified critical classified information risks, analyzed threats and vulnerabilities in order to provide the application of appropriate countermeasures in all areas of physical, information, and operational security.

Philip David Glikman

Tactical Shooting & Self Defense instructor

Philip David Glikman is the only official Expert Instructor & representative of the Emeth Krav Maga for Florida and the United States of America.
Emeth Krav Maga has been validated and recognized by the Academic College at Wingate in Israel.

Krav Maga is a self-defense and survival system that uses a person’s natural instincts and reflexes against an attached or enemy.  The Krav Maga philosophy is based on awareness and mental conditioning to react physically with speed, economy of motion and the appropriate measure of force, without doing more than necessary.  Krav Maga utilizes the concept of continuous motion, or “retzef” in Hebrew, for self-defense.  Krav Maga’s world-renowned survival and defense system incorporates both simple and advanced disarming and subduing techniques against an attacker’s threats and objects, including knives, handguns, rifles and weapons, for soldiers, military combatants, law enforcement and civilians.